NISM Equity & Derivatives Exam Mock Test.

1) In India Individual Stock Options are ___________ Options)

2) Index Options are ___________ Options

3) Trading in index options commenced at NSE from _______

4) Nifty Index as a derivative product has

5) A TM's open position is arrived at as the summation of his proprietary open position and ______' open positions, in the contracts in which he has traded.

6) Proprietary positions are calculated on _____ (buy - sell) for each contract

7) For a Call Option SPOT price-STRIKE Price = Positive. The Amount which is Positive is known as

8) Mr.A has bought one lot of Reliance call option , Strike price Rs.1800/- at the premium of Rs.48/-. what is the BEP for the buyer of the option

Strike Price + Premium = BEP for CALL OPTION

9) Bought 1 lot of Nifty Strike Price is 3500CE at the premium 108. If Nifty Expires at 3941/- what is net payoff for the buyer of the Option (Lot size for Nifty is 50)

CE Is CALL European, for Call Option Spot - Strike - premium = Net Profit = 3941-3500 = 441-108 = 333 = 16650/-

10) Mr Ram is having AcC worth 5 lacs, Beta is .80, how much amount worth Nifty should be hedged to obtain a perfect Hedge

Amount x Beta Value = 5lacs x .80 = 4 lacs

11) Derivatives first emerged as ______ products

12) Order matches with the existing ______ order(s), otherwise it waits for the ________ orders to enter the system.

13) Measure of volatility is

14) Index is the _________

15) A TM's open position is arrived at as the summation of his ________ open position and clients' open positions, in the contracts in which he has traded.

16) Clients positions are arrived at by summing together ____ (buy - sell) positions of each individual client

17) Ms. Shetty has sold 2lots calls on Reliance at a strike price of Rs.1800 for a pre mium of Rs.55 per call on 23 March. The closing price of equity shares of Reliance is Rs. 1830 on that day. If the call option is assigned against her on that day, what is her net obligation on 23rd March (Lot size 300 shares in 1 lot)

call = 1830-1800 = 30 loss, & received 55/- premium, net 25 x 600 = 15000

18) Market impact cost on a trade of Rs.5 million of the S&P CNX Nifty works out to be about 0.05%. This means that if S&P CNX Nifty is at 3700, a buy order of that value will go through at a price of Rs._____

3700 + .05% = 3701.85>3700 + .05% = 3701.85

19) On 15th March , Nilish Kajaria bought one March Nifty (Lot size 50)futures contract which cost him Rs. 2,20,000 for this he had to pay an initial margin of Rs. 41,000 to his broker. On 27th March, the index closed at 4580. How much profit/loss did he make?

20) A put option is available for Rs. 12/- premium, strike Price is 500/- Spot is 497/- What is the ITM value

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