About us

About us

Tradeniti Investment Solutions

Registered Trademark # 3530909
Copyright # 6304/2017/CO/L
Trusted Since 2011

Founder and CEO
Mr. Yuvraj Kalshetti
Laxman Nivas, Nr. Gram Panch.
Jambhulvadi – 411046 – Pune
Maharashtra – India
+91 9021167890  yuvraj@tradeniti.in

 Registered Address
Mr. Yuvraj Kalshetti
Kalshetti Complex, Saraf Line,
Near Shivaji Courtyard,
Omerga, Maharashtra 413606
+91 9021167890  yuvraj@tradeniti.in

Who We Are :

Founder :

Mr. Yuvraj S. Kalshetti is a Active Trader and Writter. Selling Some Very New And Quality Products Online at www.Tradeniti.in.

Tradeniti (a Website “www.Tradeniti.in) is Registered with Yuvraj Kalshetti. Direct Contact mail id is Princeuvg@gmail.com

  Vision  :

Our only vision is to provide Quality Products an Reasonable Price with Free Shipping and without Hidden Costs. Currently in the market many products are being sold with good price but many people dont know about that site or place to purchase the good thing in a good place. Tradeniti (The Website) is a great place to purchase good thing is cheap price.

 History :

Founder of  Tradeniti (Website www.Tradeniti.in) is actually a active trader of capital markets and have written a Hindi Book on Stock Market.  This book was selling on this website www.tradeniti.in when a massive order coming from the website then we planed to place a payment gateway and to sell more products online (www.tradeniti.in).

Only one who offer Refund :

at Tradeniti we understand that learning is important but what if you cant get what we have said to you? do you still want to pay to us or anyone else? we think No!
we charge only if customer is satisfied or happy with our services and products. if you bought something and not happy with that – get your 100% moneyback without a single question.

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